Honey Birdette 2020 AW Lingerie Trends :Lingerie Models & Brands

Models for Honey Birdette 2020 AW

Jocelyn Binder ❤️
Roxanne Je Weet Wel Wie
Anastasia Mihailuk
Tiah Eckhardt
Jessica Naz
Jordyn Johnson
Leanna Bartlett
Tiffany Toth
Tess Baldwin
Emilee Ann Miller
Melissa Riso
Gillian Nation
Colleen Cole
Brandi Marie
Katelyn Runck
Chiara Bianchino
Julia Berit
Anna Maria Olbrycht
Megan Felix
Erika Gray
Christina Marie
Charli Howard

❤️= official campaign model with advert (probably)
other models are influencer (maybe)
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Jocelyn Binder

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