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1920's Lingerie Trends

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  • At the start of the first World War, women were encouraged to join the metal and textile rationing efforts by not purchasing boned corsets. Around the same time, garment manufacturers began producing brassieres with stretchable cups, accommodating more women of varying breast sizes for efficiency’s sake. Letter-based A through D cup sizing, initiated by S.H. Camp and Company, was followed by other innovations from various brands, including adjustable hook-and-eye closures. These helped women extend their brassieres’ lifespan, enabling them to tighten the underbands which naturally stretched out over time. The word “brassiere” was shortened to simply “bra,” which became commonplace by the early 1930s.
  • Brassieres evolved into ’Bandeaus’. They flattened the bust and gave women an androgynous look.
  • In 1926 Marks and Spencer launched their first brassiere to reflect the Roaring Twenties flapper girls look, offering affordable versions that were available to all. (1926)
  • The Bali Brassiere Company was founded by Sam and Sara Stein in 1927 and was originally called the FayeMiss Lingerie Company. (1927)
  • In 1928, a Russian immigrant named Ida Rosenthal founded Maidenform. Ida was responsible for grouping women into bust-sized categories (cup sizes). (1928)


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