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1990's Lingerie Trends

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  • Madonna made a bold fashion statement at her Blond Ambition Tour. She flaunted her pointy cone bra corset (designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier ) (1990 SS)
  • In1991 variable cup sizes and a one-handed unlatching method of Maternity and Nursing Bras were invented by female designer Mary Sanchez. (1991 AW)
  • Wonderbra "Dream Lift" Model 1300 design became first a UK success in the early 1990s, a European sensation in 1993, (1993 SS)
  • Victoria's Secret introduced the Miracle Bra in 1993, selling two million within the first year. (1993 AW)
  • WonderBra's historical advertisement was released featuring Czech model Eva Herzigova looking down and smiling at her breasts, along with the double entendre slogan: “Hello boys” (era of push-up bra). Her spectacular cleavage was being accused of causing numerous car crashes when first unveiled. It was said that one Wonderbra was sold every 15 seconds. (1994)
  • The first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, held in 1995 in New York, became a mainstay for the company's image for the next 23 years. (1995 SS)
  • Sarah Tremellen founded Bravissimo, providing lingerie in D-L cup sizes and swimwear in a D-K cup range. Whilst pregnant, Tremellen found it difficult to find a good choice of bras that would fit her when she went up to a G Cup. (1995 AW)
  • Victoria’s Secret began bedazzling bras in 1996 with Claudia Schiffer’s “Million Dollar Miracle Bra.” (1996)
  • The first T-shirt bra arrived in 1997 at M&S, a time when fitness work-outs and jogging became part of the daily routine for millions of women. (1997)
  • Pretty Polly enter the competition by launching a range of mega uplift bras with then model T.V presenter Holly Willoughby appearing in their T.V ad campaign. (1998)
  • Figleaves was founded in 1998 by entrepreneur Daniel Navarro and former McKinsey & Co manager Michael Ross. At launch, it was the first internet retailer to specialise in lingerie, and one of the first to target a female-only market. (1998)
  • In 1999, vintage lingerie company, What Katie Did, was the first company to put the bullet bra back into production. (1999)
  • In 1999, Simply Be was launched by N Brown Group (UK, Manchester) to cater for women aged 25 - 45 in sizes 12 - 32 targeting size inclusivity. (1999)
  • In November 1999, Bravissimo opened its first shop in Ealing. (1999 AW)


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