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1980's Lingerie Trends

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  • Janet Reger, a British lingerie designer, leads the way and influences the return of garter belts, and ruffles. U.S brands, like Victoria's Secret is heavily influenced by Reger.
  • Bra designs of the 1980s took their cue from the era’s fashion scene, which was largely defined by excess and extravagance. Manufacturers eventually realized that a demand for larger sizes with purpose and support had been going unmet.
  • Underwear became outerwear with the influence of glamours 80s TV series like Dallas and Dynasty and lingerie and opulent bras considered the ultimate in luxury worn beneath masculine suits.
  • In 1982 Panache was established in Sheffield, UK, by Anthony Power, after working as a Sales Manager in the lingerie industry for almost 20 years. This family run business specialized in D to KK cup bras. (1982)
  • Marks & Spencer, to keep up with the backless fashion, launched the backless bra in 1983. (1983)
  • Victoria's Secret was reported to be among the best-selling catalogs. (1987 AW)
  • In 1989 Panache had expanded, opening its first office in Hong Kong and Launching its own in-house design team in Rotherham, UK. In 1990s on their catalog featured an 90s iconic model Megan Cawte. (1989)


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