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1960's Lingerie Trends

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  • Advances in technology and the arrival of man-made fibres like nylon in the swinging 1960s allowed new innovations.
  • Simone Perele launched “Sole Mio” bra made with innovative Lycra lace used for the first time. (1960)
  • Wonderbra introduced a lacy, half push-up bra described in Europe as Pigeonnant (meaning "pigeon-breasted" in French). (1960)
  • In 1960, a lightweight range of easy to wash and dry bras, suspender belts and panty girdles became available. (1960)
  • Psycho (directed by Alfred Hitchcock) was released on June 16, 1960. Janet Leigh wore bra on film and adverts. (1960 SS)
  • In October 1964 Rudy Gernreich released the "No Bra", distributed by Exquisite Form, a soft-cup, light-weight, seamless, sheer nylon and elastic tricot bra in sizes 32 to 36, A and B cups, manufactured by Exquisite Form. His minimalist bra was a revolutionary departure from the heavy, torpedo-shaped bras of the 1950s, initiating a trend toward more natural shapes and soft, sheer fabrics. (1964)
  • Wonderbra was being developed — a plunging push-up style with over 50 functional elements that worked to lift and enhance the shape of the female bust dramatically. First invented in Canada in 1964, it rose to prominence again in the UK and US, thanks to a cheeky advertising campaign with the slogan, “Hello Boys,” some 30 years later. (1964)
  • In 1965, the first sheer nylon bra was introduced. (1965)
  • As England were winning the World Cup in 1966 M&S was winning its own high street battle with luxury bras including lace option in white, pink and blue. (1966)
  • The Triumph Doreen bra was first launched in 1967, and the company claims it is the "world's best selling bra." (1967)
  • Gossard launched its Wonderbra campaign in 1968. The byline went something like this - 'makes 34 look 36, makes 36 look pow...'. (1968)
  • New York Radical Women participated in the Miss America protest with their brochure No More Miss America in Atlantic City, NJ, on September 7, 1968. About 400 women were drawn together from across the United States to a protest outside the event. The women symbolically threw a number of "feminine" products into a large trash can. These included mops, pots and pans, Playboy magazines, false eyelashes, high-heeled shoes, curlers, hairspray, makeup, girdles, corsets, and bras, items the protestors called "instruments of female torture." Carol Hanisch, one of the protest organizers, said "We had intended to burn it, but the police department, since we were on the boardwalk, wouldn't let us do the burning." A New York Post story about the protest made an analogy between the feminist protest and Vietnam War protesters who burned their draft cards. It has been argued there was no bra burning, nor did anyone take off her bra. A local news story reporting on the event did report there was a burning of bras and other items. It said "as the bras, girdles, falsies, curlers, and copies of popular women's magazines burned in the 'Freedom Trash Can'..." (1968 AW)
  • After the concert of the Doors (Jim Morrison) in Miami 1969, the cleaning team found the 1.5 meteres heap of clothes. They discovered more slips and pants than bras. John Densmore, the drummer, when he learned of all this, just wonders how those Miami girls and boys had managed to get home from the concert. Without their slips and bras, so many of them had had behaved like David Bowie's heroes: they were heroes just for one day, or one night. (1969)
  • While 1969 M&S brought relief to women struggling with ill-fitting bras with the introduction of cup sizes A,B,C,D & DD. (1969)


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