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1910's Lingerie Trends

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  • Herminie’s bra got a mention in the Vogue magazine of 1907 and the term ‘bra’ (brassiere) was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 1910. (1910)
  • Manhattan socialite Mary Phelps Jacobs managed to reinvent the shapewear of her day while getting dressed for her own debutante ball. The story goes that her sheer evening gown’s plunging neckline and relatively large bust created fit problems that exposed her embroidered corset cover. As a quick-fix solution, Jacobs sent her maid out for handkerchiefs and some ribbon, which Jacobs assembled into a new kind of undergarment that was functional yet far less restrictive than traditional corsets. On November 3, 1914,, she patented her bra invention. She went on to sell her bra patent to the Warner Brothers (the bra not movie makers) for $1,500, who made a fortune out of it for some 30 years after. (1911)
  • Palmers was founded in Austria. (1914)
  • When the war began in 1914, many women jumped on the same bandwagon and set to work adjusting and bespoke their own bras. Straps would be detached, extended or the bra itself would be sewn into the inside of standard-issue army uniform. (1914)
  • World War I dealt the corset a fatal blow when the U.S. War Industries Board called on women to stop buying corsets in 1917. It freed up some 28,000 tons of metal. (1917)


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