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1950's Lingerie Trends

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  • 1950s bras were either made of cotton, nylon or rayon and ranged from about $0.98- $2.50 depending on the fabric and the design. To add some glamour, bras could have taffeta trim, floral prints, lace, elaborate stitching, or accent bows. Elastic wasn’t always as durable and reliable as it is today, so caring for your lingerie was especially important. Hand washing was a must!
  • The pointed bra, whirlpool bra, bullet bra, or sweater girl bra remained popular throughout the late ’40s and ’50s due to the ultra feminine look. The pointed, pre-formed, conically stitched and padded bra is what gave the breast a false point and enhanced weight. Without the protruding bullet shape, most 1950s dresses, blouses and snug knit sweaters would be ill fitting.
  • Chang and Read reported the basic phenomenon of the memory effect governed by the thermoelastic behavior of the martensite phase (discovery of the shape-memory effect). (1951)
  • Polyester was first introduced to the American public. (1951)
  • In 1951, M&S took the bold stance of introducing three - small, medium, large (bra size) – and by 1953 the chain was selling some 125,000 a week. (1951)
  • Canadian Lady (Wonderbra) launched "Petal Burst" bra (the first WonderBra bullet bra) (1952)
  • Playtex began producing and marketing the Cross Your Heart bra since 1954 under the slogan that it "lifts and separates," a phrase that is now well known in popular culture. (1954)
  • Playtex made the first advert of undergarments on national television in 1955, written by Howard Shavelson at Olgilvie and Mather. (1955)
  • The idea of the bra as a fashion statement emerged in the 1950s and M&S began offering a range with embroidered shoulder straps, which might be occasionally peak out from beneath a dress, in 1955. Further innovation brought the first front-fastening bras in 1958. (1955)
  • Petal Burst by Wonderbra line was successful and delivered 50% of bra sales. (1957)
  • DuPont developed Spandex (Lycra) (1958)
  • Julius Kayser & Co., the predecessor to the modern Kayser-Roth Corporation, was founded by Julius Kayser and was a manufacturer of hosiery, lingerie and gloves. (1958)


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