Japanese Lingerie Industry | Lingerie Models & Brands

Japanese Lingerie Industry Chaos Map

Bra Brands: 18
Models: 118
Agencies: 7
* left column of model, means her ralationship with brands.
* right column of model, means her ralationship with agencies.
Brands in Kanagawa
Agencies in Kanagawa
Brands in Yamaguchi
Agencies in Yamaguchi
Brands in Hiroshima
Models in Hiroshima
Agencies in Hiroshima
Brands in Gunma
Agencies in Gunma
Brands in Gifu
Agencies in Gifu
Brands in Mie
Models in Mie
Agencies in Mie
Brands in Nagasaki
Models in Nagasaki
Agencies in Nagasaki
Models in Kyoto
Agencies in Kyoto
Brands in Miyazaki
Models in Miyazaki
Agencies in Miyazaki
Brands in Niigata
Agencies in Niigata
Brands in Saitama
Agencies in Saitama
Brands in Okinawa
Models in Okinawa
Agencies in Okinawa
Brands in Fukuoka
Agencies in Fukuoka
Brands in Miyagi
Agencies in Miyagi
Brands in Toyama
Models in Toyama
Agencies in Toyama
Brands in Iwate
Models in Iwate
Agencies in Iwate
Brands in Aichi
Models in Aichi