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Nationality: British
Origin:London, England
Birthday:April 16, 1993
Birth Sign:Aries
Bra: 70B
Eyes:Blue Green

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2019- Hunkemöller 2019 ❤️
2013- Bras N Things 2013 AW ❤️ ❤️

About Tess Jantschek

What were you like growing up?

I have a twin brother so we would do things together, I was quite a tomboy and used to dance on the street with my friends. It kept me down to earth–being born and raised in London.

What was it like growing up with your mum as a model?

It was really good because she always gave me tips and told me how its done. She would take me on her jobs so I could learn - she’s been modelling since she was 18 ad is still modelling now!

Do you think the tips she has given you are still relevant with the rise of social media in modeling?

Ya the social media side she doesn’t understand as much but when it comes to clients and traveling she knows what she’s talking about. She went to Milan, New York, Tokyo, she went everywhere. She did a lot…she did Gucci

Did she always want you to be a model?

I always wanted to be a dancer. I studied dance for years but I went into modelling and didn’t stop. I really enjoy it.

Did your mum get you started with modelling?

There was a mother and daughter competition in the newspaper ad. She was like "Tess lets go to this", it was in Elle magazine. We went to Paris together and did the show. I started modelling three years ago, i’ve got an agency here and in New York. I still need to go to Australia and Los Angeles.

(Laughs) I’m surprised you went to New York first

I know right?! I’m happy I got an agency in New York. I didn’t think I was going to because of my height. I think I’ll go back; the work is really good there, here I do mostly e-commerce. In New York I did Macy’s, LO’real. Macy’s was my first job; I was super overwhelmed (laughs)

Why is Natalia Vodianova your favourite model?

Ooo she’s always been my favourite model ever since I was the age of 14. I had pictures of her all over the wall, the whole wall covered with her Vogue covers. I don’t have a reason why she is my favourite model but she has always been.

Souce: C-heads Magazine

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Tatiana Teddy Ivory
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Enya Bra Black
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Face Covering Ivory/Black
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