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Nationality: British
Origin: ( Brighton, East Sussex )
Bra: 75E

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18th July 2008
Why must I pay for a bigger bra?
By Emily-Ann Elliott

Beckie Williams, 25, who lives in Preston Circus, started a group on Facebook after Marks & Spencer began charging an extra £2 for bra sizes from 30DD to 42G.

After just a few weeks Busts 4 Justice already has more than 5,000 members. Miss Williams, who wears a size 34E bra, said: “It all started after a friend and I noticed we were being charged more for bigger bras.

“I’d been whingeing about it for months and in October I wrote to Marks & Spencer about it and it wrote back to say bigger bras cost more to make.

“I wrote again, asking why it didn’t apply the same policy to knickers.

“I’m a size 8 to 10, so if it is going to charge me for being big in one respect, was I going to get a reduced price for being smaller in another respect?

“I didn’t get a reply and in the end I decided to set up a Facebook group and do something about it.”

The freelance children’s writer said: “We definitely didn’t expect it to take off in the way it did. “It’s now become much more than just being about Marks & Spencer.

“Now women are talking about something they have never been able to talk about and share experiences of before.

They have all got stories but the thing that comes out of it all is what a misery bra shopping is for us.”

Now Miss Williams wants to talk to retailers about some of the issues raised by the group.

She said: “There is a massive market out there for bigger bras, which is perhaps not being fully realised. I think there should be one price for all.”

A spokeswoman for Marks and Spencer said: “There are 30 different components in a bra.

“The extra charge is more to do with the engineering than material. The collection has proved incredibly popular with the majority of customers.

“They have told us they are happy to pay a small premium (between £1.50 and £2) for the specialist work to ensure suitable level of support, innovation and technology that goes into the bras.

Souce: the Argus
Britin siegt im Kampf für billigere Übergrößen-BHs
Veröffentlicht am 08.05.2009 | Lesedauer: 2 Minuten

"DD-Day", jubelt die britische Boulevardzeitung "Sun": Der Kaufhausgigant Marks & Spencer hat seine von vielen Briten als unfair und diskriminierend empfundenen Preisaufschlag für BHs ab Körbchengröße DD und mehr zurückgenommen. Auch eine passende Entschuldigung hat sich M&S für seine Kundinnen ausgedacht.

Triumph für Beckie Williams: Die 26-jährige Britin aus Brighton, die mit ihrer Facebook-Initiative "Busts 4 Justice" gegen die "Busen-Steuer" von Marks & Spencer ins Feld gezogen war ( WELT ONLINE berichtete ), hat die die britische Kaufhauskette in die Knie gezwungen. Der Kaufhausgigant, größter Unterwäschehändler Großbritanniens, hat angekündigt, seinen Aufschlag von zwei Pfund (umgerechnet 2,20 Euro) auf BHs ab Körbchengröße DD und größer ab 9. Mai fallen zu lassen.

Als "Ausgleichszahlung" für die von vielen Britinnen als unfair und diskriminierend empfundene Preispolitik des Händlers gewährt M&S seinen Kundinnen bis einschließlich 25. Mai einen Rabatt von 25 Prozent auf sämtliche BHs in allen Größen.

Die Entscheidung von M&S folgte als Reaktion auf Beckie Williams' Kampagne "Busts 4 Justice", die zuletzt rund 13.000 Unterstützer zählte, darunter auch viele Männer. Mehrere britische Boulevardzeitungen hatten sich der Aktion angeschlossen und die Debatte zusätzlich angeheizt. Als sich Williams für umgerechnet 3,80 Euro einen Anteil an M&S kaufte und drohte, mit den Mitgliedern von "Bust 4 Justice" die Hauptversammlung des Unternehmens im Juli zu stürmen, lenkte M&S schließlich ein.

Souce: WeLT
22nd July 2008
Smaller shop was a perfect fit

I read with interest how Beckie Williams was unhappy with Marks & Spencer’s policy of charging extra for underwear in large sizes (The Argus, July 18).

I sympathise with her. I tried to buy some new bras from M&S a month ago – having lost weight over the past 12 months I really needed to get the new me measured up and the size right.

I was told by the assistants that I would have to wait two and a half hours for a fitting.

I found this totally unacceptable so complained to the supervisor who told me that she was sorry but that’s how it is there.

When I returned home, I went on the internet and complained again to M&S.

Again I got the “I am sorry, but...” routine, nothing else.

It seems to be a law unto itself. I for one will not be buying anything there again.

As a post script, I then went to George Street, Hove, and found a bra shop.

I was immediately measured up by a pleasant, helpful young lady and ended up not only getting the perfect size but also paying much less then I would have at M&S.

Diane Jones, Oakdene Gardens, Portslade

Souce: the Argus
9th May 2009
Big boobs won't be taxed by M&S after Brighton woman's protests
By Emily Walker

High street giant M&S has admitted it “boobed” after a campaign by a big busted Brighton woman.

Marks and Spencer has agreed to scrap a surcharge on lingerie with bigger than DD cup sizes, after thousands of people backed Beckie Williams' campaign.

Miss Williams, 25, who lives in Preston Circus, started a group on Facebook after Marks & Spencer began charging an extra £2 for bra sizes from 30DD to 42G.

Yesterday, Miss Williams, who wears a 34E bra won her fight as the shop backed down.

"So from Saturday 9 May no matter what size you buy, the price is going to be the same."

More than 14,000 people joined Miss William's Facebook group, which she set up after the shop told her bigger bras cost more to make.

Delighted Miss Williams yesterday vowed to continue to fight for the rights of women with larger breasts.

She said:"I'm really happy to say that, thanks to the members of Busts 4 Justice, M&S have decided to abolish the boob-tax, and from now on will be operating a one-price-fits-all policy across their ranges.

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported us on this issue; especially the thousands of brilliant, busty women that have joined forces with us.

“Busts 4 Justice remain committed to making things better for busty women on the high street, but for now we're happy just to be able to encourage all ladies to reward themselves and their boobs with some properly fitted, fairly priced lingerie.”

Miss Williams was so angry that she even bought a £3.50 share in Marks and Spencer, so she could demand answers from chairman Sir Stuart Rose at the next annual meeting in July.

On Wednesday, supermarket giant Asda joined the debate by unveiling a £4 bra in cup sizes A to F in its George range.

Souce: the Argus

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