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Nationality: Australian
Origin: ( Perth, Western Australia )
Birthday:June 5, 1985
Birth Sign:Gemini
Bra: 70C

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About Tiah Eckhardt

An Australian lingerie model has slammed the obsession with 'body types' in advertising.

Tiah Eckhardt took to Instagram on Thursday to say she's tired of seeing the same body type - slim with a small breast size - in advertising campaigns.

The Perth-born star said that while there's nothing wrong with that particular body type, she has become 'desensitized to such imagery'.

Tiah went on to say how she's become tired of seeing advertising campaigns with only slim models with small breast sizes.

'However, I am sick of seeing only size 2-4 or 32-34 A to B cups. Not because there's anything wrong with it, but because I'm bored out of my brain by it. I'm literally desensitized to such imagery,' she said.

Tiah added that images of only slim models in campaigns makes her 'feel nothing' and doesn't 'catch her attention'.

Souce: dailymail.co.uk

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