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Nationality: Afghan
Origin: ( Kabul, Kabul )
Birthday:Dec. 1, 1993
Birth Sign:Sagittarius
Bra: 75C

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About Yasmeena Ali

Afghan Girl Left Islam For Porn Movies, Read Full Story

On Jul 10, 2020

London : The ever-buzzing porn star Yasmeena Ali has told her story. Afghanistan-born Yasmeena left the country when she was 9 years old and reached Britain and is now a porn actress. She had to give up her religion Islam to enter the porn industry and it was not easy.

Yasmeena says, ‘Islam imposes strict restrictions on women, such as dress, forced marriage, circumcision and corporal punishment to those who violate Islamic values.’ Yasmeena said, my parents imposed Islam on me. First time when I was a child in Afghanistan and second time in Britain when I was young. My parents told me that Islam is more important than anything, according to Islamic rules, my parents gave instructions about what I should wear, what to do, what to think and what to become. and this all should be done believing in Islam’, my parents said this.
Yasmeena also said, “when I was’ in secondary school (girls only) we were taught about equality, but there was nothing like that, I was forced to cook food, do cleaning and iron, while my brothers used to sit and they used to order me and my sisters for house chores because according to Islam, it was the work of women.” Yasmeena says,“When I was 19, I fell in love with a boy who was an atheist and I was married to him, I had already been deprived of my rights and had suffered the rule of all. So I decided that now I will leave everything for freedom and love.”
Yasmeena left her parents’ home 5 years ago and reached out to her partner. After this she never looked back. She said, “My parents evicted me because they felt I made them feel disrespectful. The biggest change after leaving home was that I left Islam,” says Yasmeena. “I left Islam and started breathing again without any fear and started accepting my wishes and my decisions.”

Souce: NP News 24

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