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Born Name:Alyssa Elaine Miller
Origin:Los Angeles, California
Birthday:July 4, 1989
Bra Cup: C

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Things look different eye to eye

What has been getting me through the last few months has been a lot of gentleness and self care, when I have a hard day the first thing I think to do is to unwind in the bath. Fortunately my genius friends @foriawellness have woven together two of my fa...

Early voting in CA starts TODAY. Get off your ass and VOTE

Anyone else having a hard time figuring out how to exist on the internet these days? I’ve been managing time away from it and it’s really been lovely. Planting trees and watching the hummingbirds fly. Wish I could see you all there.

Thank you for all the love, the dms, the texts on the new EP. I’m back in the studio working on some stuff I can’t wait to share but keep playing, singing and sharing in the meantime. I’m eternally grateful. Love you ♥️

Blessing your Monday afternoon with a surprise drop of the new @primroseforeversanctuary EP available for streaming wherever ya stream things. Massive thank you to all involved @jazzcatsstudio @doylestyle @blainestark @izziray @damnjeeves @phil.and.sara...

Only you

Quarantine feelings, anyone else?

When you can’t go to the water(with 4 dogs in tow) bring the water to you. So proud I rigged a cowboy pool all by my lonesome. She’s handy y’all.

It really doesn’t matter at all

My life is messy. My kitchen is messy. I adopt too many animals. I paint and write and play and leave artful little messes everywhere in my wake. What a glorious disaster. Maybe my messes will be hung in someone’s neat little home one day to inspire.

One foot in one foot out

Unknown adventures call to me heavily these days. I’ll see you in the hidden hot springs of Colorado, the big skies of West Texas, amongst the white pines of South Carolina soon my darlings

Stay safe out there //

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