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Born Name:Ekaterina Avramchikova
Nationality: Belarusian
Origin: ( Minsk, Minsk )
Bra Cup: Unknown

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Milavitsa 2019 AW
Milavitsa 2019 AW
Milavitsa 2019 AW
Milavitsa 2019 AW


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2019- Milavitsa 2019 AW ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

About Kate Tyga

Where are you from/where do you live?
My name is Ekaterina Avramchikova, my nickname is Kate Tyga. l’m 22 y.o. I was born and raised in Belarus in the little city of Minsk.

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?
I did not choose a career model, just a succession of circumstances and an unplanned photo sessions attracted me and it became my main source of income.

What is your greatest strength, as a model?
If I had to choose 3 basic qualities? Not a capricious character, punctuality and a strong willed look.

Talk about your experience as a model.
I mainly work with underwear, clothes, starring in videos, commercials and so on. I tried also acting a little bit.

What are your goals?
My goal is to become a successful and media person. I like this kind of life, I love my job. I want to become the face of a major successful brand.

Souce: Raw the Magazine

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